E.T. Blood

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Flavor:  E.T. Blood (Formerly Alien Blood), berry, melon, tropical.

E.T. Blood is quite a curious recipe, but one that seems to be an absolute hit with thousands of customers over the past few years that we've provided this unique combination of fruit flavors.  Fresh picked berries, throw in some melon and add a splash of the tropics and you've got the combination that has made E.T. Blood a hit!  Enjoy!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Geo

Go to Juice

I've tried many juices from many different manufacturers. I keep coming back to Alien Blood because it's a 'safe' juice. It never fails to disappoint when I'm disappointed with other juices.

Written by Giambattista

Not my favorite

I bought this juice on a whim. The thing is, it wasn’t bad per se, just not to my liking. I’m not a big fan of coconut juice. Even though there were other flavors to the juice, the coconut is powerful. Should’ve read the reviews.

Written by Alainia

Hell yeah

Dis da one right here

Written by Joy

Amazing flavor

This juice has amazing flavor if you like fruits. A definite must try

Written by Yo Majesty

These People Know What They're Doing

It's a perfectly blended mix. I taste a lot of peach or mango. The aftertaste is perfect. Some say it's perfumey, but that could just be how some people's olfactory systems are. Most will love this blend. Soon I'll try the Island Punch. Just go easy on home renters with your age verification stuff. Our ID's don't always match our addresses.

Written by Sean

The best I had

This is the best vase liquid vape so far would give it thumbs up

Written by Big Jack

Coconut lovers dream!

This is the only juice with Coconut flavor that was actually good. If you liked Tiger's Blood snow cones growing up, then you are about to be in heaven. I did a 70/30 blend sweetened mix. Just make sure you let it steep for 3-5 days before trying it.

Written by Rebecca Clash


Great product. The only thing is it's gone already

Written by James Keffer

Best nicotine liquid I've tried

Excellent quality, excellent price. I am very satisfied and will be purchasing again. I recommend for everyone to try this product out. I am recommending it to all my friends.

Written by 24/7

Good but not great

There's good underlying flavours but, as a couple have said already, there's a mild perfume like aftertaste. Definitely worth sampling; you may love it.

Written by sandy

love it

One of my favorites

Written by Jarred

Jesus juice

If God was actually real, I would call this stuff gods blood! It's absolutely amazing. I love it so much that if I had sleep apnea, I'd convert the bi pap machine so I could inhale this stuff in my sleep.