Energy Drink

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Flavor:  Energy Drink, fruity, citrus, beverage

Customers wanted it, and we were happy to provide.  And as it turns out, it's a rather well loved liquid and works with all ranges of VG levels.  It's not quite a R*d B*ll and not quite a R*ckstar, but does taste surprisingly like a combination of both.  No matter what you equate it to, it's unmistakably an energy drink flavor and customers love it!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Elaine


This is my second favorite. I use it daily. I like fruity sweet but not overpowering flavors and this fits that bill. It also mixes well with other flavors. I like to mix it with red licorice or put in a few drops of lemon pound cake.

Written by 24/7

Almost perfect

I'm a fan. Great liquid. The aniseed aftertaste is the only drawback for me but that's just because I don't like licorice.

Written by J_L_the2nd

Well Done

I received this as a mix n match at 50/50 and I was very pleased with it. I've shared with a few others and have split reviews and I used to LOVE Rock Star and Monster drinks so while this isn't a dead ringer, it's really good and I'll be back for more.

Written by Sam

Great Vape

I am writing this after finishing 2 bottles of the Energy Drink, and I am ordering more. First and foremost, this is a great mixer. I personally mix it with Cinnacide and a touch of mint and this combo has been my ADV for years. But it is perfectly fine on its own as well. It doesn't 100% accurately resemble an energy drink because it does not have that overload in taste when you take your first sip from one, but to me that is perfectly fine.