Fruit Squirts

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Buckle up! This flavor is a throw back to a classic candy from your youth. Modelled after a popular sour candy (minus the sour), this is a sweet juicy/fruity taste with a tangy kick of flavor all exploding right onto your tongue. If you don't mind the constant temptation of vaping this, we highly recommend it.

Recommended Steeping Time:  1 Day

Product Reviews

Written by Nick


I LOVE THIS, GREAT FLAVOR, I think I will always have this in my "fruity" tank.

Written by JRo


tried this on a whim and love it!! Very fruity!

Written by Kurt Allen

One of the Best

Just received a 120 ml bottle of fruit squirts after having tried this flavor blend a while back. It is a unique fruit blend that is probably the best that I have tried of even various berry e-liquids. I've been vaping for almost 2 and a half years, tried many e-liquids, and highly recommend to give fruit squirts a try if you are a berry/fruit kind of vapor.

Written by Raymond

This is my go to flavor

descriptions of ejuices can be hit or miss depending on the taste buds for me this tastes like sour power straws without the sour. It's pretty what i use 80% of the time. This is not iffy at all it's a definate keeper.

Written by Yahya

Beautiful taste

Wonderful fruity taste. Indescribable...