Gooey Buttercake

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Flavor:  Gooey Buttercake, shortbread, buttery, creamy, caramel, bakery

Some of the damnest things end up absolute hits here at Tasty Vapor and this recipe is one of them.  And this is certainly hit, moreso with the High VG crowd.  Picture if you will a rich, creamy, decadent and buttery cake, almost shortbread, with hints of caramel.  This recipe translates well with a wide range of wattages and VG levels.  Happy Vaping! 

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Bree D.

One of my favorites!

I love this juice... its one of the best cake flavors out there! I feel like half sweetener for this juice is perfect & I like to mix it with the frosted oatmeal cookie.. it tastes just like a coffee cake & pairs perfectly with a blended coffee in the summer time!

Written by Deez Nutz

Finger Lickin' Good Y'all

I've never been into dessert/cake vapors, but this one has turnt me out! Delicious, sweet vanilla cake with buttery caramel like overtones. My Current all day vape. i get it with 1/3 sweetner

Written by F. Calloway

A Great Suprise!

I tried this thinking it wouldn't taste like buttercake. For me, it has the sweet buttery taste of the gooey buttercake. I had gotten extra sweet because I like my vapes sweet - you don't need extra sweet for this recipe! I'm soooo happy I tried it. It's one of my favorites!