Kretek (Clove Cigarette)

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Flavor:  Kretek, clove, tobacco, spice notes

Brought to you in this non-nicotine medium, we combine clove, tobacco, honey and many spice flavorings make up this rendition of clove cigarette recipe that some well-known e-cigarette reviewers have equated to some of the more popular clove cigarettes, without actually having to light one up.  This is one of Tasty Vapor's classic recipes and remains a point of pride.  

Popular Mix Ratios:  10% - 50% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  5 Days

Product Reviews

Written by VeeVeeThree

Just WOW!

I began smoking Sampoerna Xtras on a daily basis in '94, and post the great tsunami, I switched to Djarum Specials. After the flavor purge of 2009, I then switched to the little cigars and mixed it up between Djarum Special & Black. Then in 2014 after Djarum introduced Black Menthols, those became my go-to. On 4/20/15 (no lie), my Aspire vape arrived from MBV along with their now-discontinued Clove juice, and the rest, as they say, is history. After 21 years, I switched from clove cigarettes / cigars to vaping clove, and a recent Google search for clove juice led me to Tasty Vapor -- looking for a MBV replacement after finally vaping through the five 240 ml bottles that I bought off of their clearance sale & trying out several other brands over the past few months. Suffice it to say, that this two-decades-long Clove smoker has finally found an outstanding replacement for Sampoerna & Djarum. My first inhale, I was sitting by the pool with friends & unwittingly exclaimed, "Holy shit! That's it!" Per others' recommendations, I went with: Size: Nicotine Liquids - 60ml Strength: 6mg PG/VG mix: 20% VG Add Sweetener?: Half Sweetener If you've ever been a Clove smoker, Tasty Vapor is, hands down, the best e-juice match to Sampoerna & Djarum!

Written by BossLady508

The Only One

This is the only clove oil I will buy. I tried a sample here and there of "clove" oil from other vendors. I don't know what those people were actually smoking, but it was NOT a clove. So on Tasty Vapor I will forever rely. Like Christmas in my mouth (year round...)!!!

Written by Happy customer

Just like the real thing

Just like smoking a clove. Great taste. And I have to say the customer service here is fantastic. The best in all the vape shops I have dealt with. Ask for Joe. He will spend time with you figuring out what flavors will be best for you. Not many businesses spend any time with customers any more. I do not live in the area but will continue to shop here because of the customer service and great flavors.

Written by undefined


I was a long time Djarum Black smoker before I switched to vapes, and I'd been looking for a proper substitute. This is about as close as you'll get. This juice is fantastic.

Written by Bryan

Clove Cigarette

I bought this looking to replicate a Kretek experience. Everything is pretty close except for the eugenol mouth numbing sensation. I consider that to be a big component of the clove cigarette experience. This juice should be great for ex-smokers who are just starting to vape. The juice has a burnt taste to it that replicates a real cogarette. Really funky smell left behind though.

Written by Clove Woman

Long Long Time Clove Smoker

I am a 25 year clove smoker/quitter so I'm pretty particular of what clove vape I chose. This Kretek vape is the best you'll find. I think the initial taste is pretty spot on, the throat hit is medium and quite a bit like smoking. The only issue I have with this is then after-taste. It's kinda strangely like bug-spray. I love the initial taste/feel so much it's worth it!

Written by Katatawnic

32 yr. Djarum Special Smoker Approved!

I smoked Djarum Specials for 32 years, till our Nanny Govt decided that we can't buy them anymore. Since beginning vaping in 2010, I searched for a clove cigarette flavor everywhere, to no avail... they all were disgusting! I eventually tried mixing my own, and though I came close to a delicious Djarum Specials alternative, I couldn't quite tweak my recipe enough to satisfy. Close, but not quite a clove cigarette. Then had a post suggesting Tasty Vapor's Kretek in 2012 (if I recall correctly), and I took the risk of wasting my money yet again. I couldn't have been happier to have made the purchase! TAKE NOTE, this liquid will taste burnt if your setup isn't just right. Rigs with eGo type of atomizers don't play well with this liquid, for example. Now I'm using a simple mod (iStick Pico) with Melo III tanks or KangerTech Toptank Nano, using Aspire Atlantis or KangerTech SSOCC atomizers respectively, both at 0.5 ohms, at 18-21 watts. I've been vaping my Kretek in my Melo III all day today at 21 watts, without one single burnt tasting vape. (When I vape this Kretek with my KangerTech SSOCC, I prefer the wattage at around 18.) If you find this liquid is tasting burnt or too cooked, simply tweak your hardware and/or settings, and you should find your sweet spot. This does not taste *exactly* like Djarum Specials, but it is so close that I am in heaven! This is one of 4 liquids I use, period. The other 3 are "house juices" from my local vape shop, but they don't carry Tasty Vapor liquids, so I shall continue ordering from here... so long as they don't discontinue this flavor, but I strongly doubt they will.

Written by undefined


Love it. Not exactly the Djarum Blacks I'd been missing, but all of the best parts. Mixes nicely w/ a bit of Ultimate Vanilla too. One of the best tasting juices I've found so far!

Written by AtomikBaby


I don't think any vapor can really be 100% the same as an original Sampoerna mild or Djarum Black (no, not the cigars, the ORIGINALS!). Still, this comes pretty darn close! I ordered it with 20%, 3mg, and 1/2 sweetener. On first draw, I definitely tasted the clove. There are also some other flavors mixed in that I cant quite figure out. After a few more draws and the throat feel set in, I definitely feel the resemblance to a kretek . This is easily going to be one of my go-to flavors. Also, I might add, I have been purchasing my liquid from a local vape shop and it is kinda irritating to my throat. This liquid from tasty vape is much smoother. I'm definitely gonna try some more flavors. Thanks tasty vape :)

Written by undefined

close but no cigar

while i like this flavor, its not the same as a true clove. To smooth a hit for my taste.

Written by Judy Ford


like the clove vape

Written by Numl0k

Might not be a Djarum, but it's damned good!

I've tried a few different juices that promised a clove cigarette like flavor. Most of them were just plain weak, or tasted like everything BUT cloves. This juice isn't EXACTLY like the Djarum Blacks I used to smoke, but it's a very good substitute. Very heavy on the clove flavor, and the half shot of sweetener gives it a good roundness to the flavor. It reminds me of the flavor coat on the filters of Blacks, except more clove flavor. It has just enough harshness to stand in for the cigarettes, but not so much that it's unpleasant. I will DEFINITELY be ordering more when I run out. If you want something that's heavy on the clove flavoring, THIS is the right juice.