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A great summer vape. This ultra-refreshing lemonade e-liquid has the perfect amount of sweetness. Recommended Steeping Time: 2 Days

A great summer vape. This ultra-refreshing lemonade e-liquid has the perfect amount of sweetness.

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

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Written by Mikkel on 19th Jan 2018

This is the best citrus liquid I've ever tried

I keep coming back for more! This is by far the best citrus flavored liquid out there (that I've tried). The flavor is really a great balance between sweet and tart (I get mine sweetened). It's light and refreshing. I've only ever tried the strawberry version. It's pretty much the only liquid I have to have at all times. Do yourself a favor and give it a try if you like citrus flavor.

Written by 24/7 on 29th Jun 2016


Sweet and juicy flavour with a nice aftertaste.

Written by undefined on 30th Mar 2016

Light and fruity!

It reminds me of strawberry jello with a bit of lemon. I never get my liquid sweetened and this one is sweet enough without it, in my opinion.

Written by Pam on 14th Mar 2016

Ordered 3 times

Such great flavor, I keep reordering it

Written by undefined on 14th Aug 2015

extra sweet

I got mine extra sweet and it didn't disappoint. Their product is always on point.

Written by Raymond on 11th Aug 2015

Clean tasty vape without the aftertaste.

I don't know about the rest of you but for me when i wake up i can't use the same juice as i do when i'm fully awake. I need something subtle not overpowering. Sometimes a strong flavor can mix with morning breath and mouth film etc which leads to a hack party and a queezy feeling. You have none of that with this flavor. If you're looking for something that punches you in the mouth this isn't the flavor for you but if you're the kind of vapor that wants to taste something good but not have to rinse it down with something to get rid of the aftertaste then this is the juice for you. I really love this store and plan on coming back again and again

Written by David on 10th Jul 2015


Yum ! This is a keeper for me. Juiced up a Clapton and this tastes like a Lemonhead candy with a Ripe strawberry undertone. I got 70% vg & Sweetner. Thanks again TV.

Written by Brian on 1st Jul 2015

Great Summer Vape!

This flavor is very refreshing, especially in the summer. I get the strawberry on the inhale and the lemon on the exhale. This is starting to be my new favorite ADV. I definitely recommend this one, great job Tasty Vapor!

Written by Christine on 25th May 2015


Very nice refreshing vape, excellent as a palate cleanser between flavours. Fresh strawberry with a hint of tartness...I taste a hint of lime with the lemon.

Written by Heather on 22nd Mar 2015

Easily my favorite

This is currently my all day vape. Wonderful lemonade flavor with just a hint of strawberry. I usually can no longer taste my juice after a half hour of vaping, but not this one.

Written by Logan on 27th Feb 2015


This flavor is so good. Perfect combination of sweet and tart. I vape on this all day, my favorite Tasty flavor along with Frosted Oatmeal Cookie

Written by Swimsista62 on 12th Feb 2015

The Flavor of Summer

I love, love, love Tasty Vapors Strawberry Leonade. It is so smooth and flavorful. It's like a breath of summer. I would highly recommend this flavor. I had them add a hint of menthol to the 3mg of nicotine. It's a great all day Vape.