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Flavor:  Licorice, old fashioned black or red (cherry)

If you're a fan of licorice, then we've got a two type for you to choose from here, both authentic and both delicious!  We start with our black licorice recipe.  Our black licorice is NOT the simple task of sticking anise flavoring in a bottle and calling it a Tasty Vapor recipe, but a genuine old fashioned black licorice, complete with notes of molasses and a few other flavor we know make up a licorice flavor.  Then we have our red licorice flavor.  While it's an obvious cherry flavor, there are unmistakable notes that make a cherry licorice, and we've captured it here.  We hope you'll enjoy both!!!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 50% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Jim

nailed it!

Been looking for a good black licorice flavor for years. Not only did they nail the flavor and the delivery, the coils last a long time.

Written by Ken

Black licorice

This is without question my favorite TV flavor. I love black licorice and this has a bold, long lasting flavor. It has a nice, cool bite to it as you inhale. So many liquids seem to lose the flavor as the coil ages, but this flavor never goes away and remains strong until its time to rebuild the coil.

Written by Beth

Best black licorice flavor!

This is the best black licorice vape juice I've tried!

Written by Elaine

I like the red

I like the red licorice. It tastes and also smells good. I like it on its own and mixed with other flavors like energy drink.

Written by Donald "The Don" Trump

Excellent Stuff

Very good taste, however, I would've personally gone for even a bit more flavor. Tastes just like black licorice--perhaps most like a "Good&Plenty". It vapes a bit wet--I'm really not sure what causes it; it's my only fluid that's behaved like that. Still very good stuff.

Written by masha

so good

love this flavor, subtle and smothe

Written by candy


delicious! tastes just like black licorice, my favorite!

Written by candyc

you nailed the black licorice flavor!

this is exactly the flavor i was searching for. unfortunately, i asked for sweetener to be added, and it's just a bit too sweet for my taste, but have since ordered more without sweetener to adjust my current bottle. i think it'll be perfect!

Written by Jory


It tasted exactly like shoestring red licorice which was what i was anticipating given the picture. I didn't try the black.

Written by undefined


I quit smoking cigarettes 3 years ago Thanks to this delicious black licorice liquid. It has ruined cigs for good for me!!

Written by Robert


Really enjoy the black licorice..nice smooth flavor wish I would have ordered more:)

Written by undefined

Nostalgia lane

My mother got converted from cigarettes with the black licorice flavor. Tastes just like her childhood!