Mint Chocolate Chip

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Flavor:  Mint Chocolate Chip, cookie, mint, chocolate, bakery

This recipe actually started off as an ice cream recipe, then we thought to remodel it as a cookie recipe and wow, what a difference.  And a LOT of bakery recipes do very well as vaping liquids.  We start off with a fabulous cookie recipe and finish it off with a nice balance of chocolate and mint.  sounds simple enough.  Getting the balance right though...This is what we do well folks.  And we know you're going to love this recipe if you don't already.  Enjoy!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  3 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Lisa

The real deal

It has a nice minty aftertaste with a chocolate undertone. It is not too strong but just right.

Written by J L II

As good as you think it will be

1/2 sweetener, 50% vg. As a kid I loved min n chip ice cream. I've always preferred the Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies. I read the reviews and I'm not sure if they were striving for cookies or ice cream but Mint Chocolate Chip is EXACTLY what you'll get. I've tried multiple flavors and this... THIS is going to be my go-to. Well done on an exceptionally good flavor! 5 stars!

Written by undefined

Best mint chocolate

6mg, 1/2 sweetener, 40% VG - even without letting steep for more than a few days, this one was a favorite from the get-go. I actually wanted to have a glass of milk with it. I would not call this an ADV simply because it's strong (not harsh) and after about an hour it tends to get a little to much but it's great for breaks at work or just while watching a t.v. show.

Written by undefined

Best on site

6 mg, 1/2 sweetener, 50% vg. My favorite flavor on the site hands down. Tastes like the girl scout thin mints. The chocolate isn't too overpowering and compliments the mint perfectly.

Written by matt

good vape

It does taste like a thin mint. I'd give it five stars, but the flavor dissipates if you take 5 or more drags in a row. It comes back after you give it a rest for a while though.

Written by undefined

Very Tasty

Thin Mint is new to me as I sorely miss TV's Irish Cream and Hazelnut Coffee. No matter. The flavor is there and is very satisfying. Nice job!

Written by Dwane

Tastes just like a Thin Mint

Have been vaping Tin Box Mint forever, this Mint Chocolate Chip is a a nice change. We did have extra mint added to it. It is our new Favorite. People have often stopped us and said that it smells good. Another A++ Winner from Tasty Vapor ♡

Written by undefined

Best I've tried

By far the best chocolate I've had. Just the right touch of mint.