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Flavor:  Mojito, rum, citrus, mint, cocktail

One more winning recipe in Tasty Vapor's cache of cocktail flavors, this classic Cuban cocktail mixes white rum, lime juice, and sprigs of fresh mint over ice. Originally a farmer’s drink used to combat heat, it has made its way into fancy restaurants across the planet, and for good reason…the taste! This is a fun, flavorful, and delightfully refreshing vape.

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 50% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  3 Days


Product Reviews

Written by Mark Pearson

Newbie review

It’s been around 3 months since I’ve had a cigarette (20+ pack a day smoker). I’ve been casually using Tasty Vapor for the few times I needed to sneak a vape between smokes for years, though. Now I’m full on vape hoping to break the addiction. I think I’ve settled on my go-to vape here. Down from 24mg to 12 with my new Smok kit. 40% vg. So far no sweetener. I’ve been bouncing around trying a few things and I just keep coming back to this one. It’s got a nice mix of the lime and mint which, really, I’m surprised I like so much. One thing that I think really does it for me is there is little to no after taste. I have discovered that I REALLY like that. It’s there with the hit then gone. Geoff is great and his company is awesome. I’m a very proud supporter.

Written by Eric

My Standard for years

This has been my standard vape for about 5 years. Good mix, not overpowering on the mint like some others.

Written by Pam C

Awesome Taste

This one will definitely be ordered again, great Lime taste with the right amount of mint.....half sweetener

Written by J_L_the2nd

Useful feedback

I read a review that suggested doing 1/2 sweetener which I did with a 50/50 mix and it was as good as one could ask for. Lightly minty, very tasty, completely satisfying.

Written by undefined

Good flavor

6 mg, 60% vg, 1/2 sweetener. Very appealing aroma when I first opened the bottle. Interesting vape to me as I didn't think rum would taste good. It's by no means a bad vape, just not my style. It needs a stronger mint flavor.

Written by David

Minty Lime

Got 70% vg, 3 mg, sweetener. Perfect combination of mint-lime-rum. Refreshing & Really Good ! Dual Clapton coil @ .6 ohms , 6 wraps, 5/32 bit, Series box.

Written by undefined

Just right!

This flavor is exceptionally refreshing. The use of authentic lime flavor is what really makes it. I got it sweetened, & will probably go for half sweetener next time, but I'm still very satisfied. Great for EDV.

Written by Albert


I've been shopping around for a Mojito vape and after I've tired this I've stopped looking. It's absolutely perfect especially with half sweetener. This is now my "go to" juice Very refreshing.

Written by Cindy

This is so good!

The flavor on this is spot on! The previous post is correct in that you can taste all components of the mojito and it is really refreshing. Once I get started vaping this, I have a hard time putting it down! Be sure and give this one a try.

Written by Nancy


I love mint but wasn't expecting much from this mix. To my surprise this Mojito is wonderful. I was expecting that artificial lime candy taste but it's not, it tastes like real lime aid. The rum, the lime and the mint, you can taste it all. To me it almost has a morphing effect, at time I taste more lime, at times more of the mint and sometimes both at once. Very nice.