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Are you into vaping your pies instead of eating them? Check out our Pies! category to satisfy your pie craving! Recommended Steeping Time: 3 da…

Pies! Required

Are you into vaping your pies instead of eating them? Check out our Pies! category to satisfy your pie craving!

Recommended Steeping Time:  3 days

Apple Pie - Baked apples, a rich pie crust... this flavor is perfectly blended for that fresh-baked taste.

Banana Cream Pie - Creamy banana, a rich pie crust, whipped cream… we didn’t leave anything out of this long-time Tasty Vapor original!

Blueberry Pie - Delicious blueberry with a buttery crust flavor, will take you right back to your favorite diner.

Boston Cream Pie - Creamy chocolate, decadent custard and our signature “spot on” pie crust.

Coconut Cream Pie - Toasted coconut with a touch of vanilla and a rich pie crust.

Key Lime Pie - Tangy custard filling, a rich pie crust and of course, creamy meringue on top.

Product Reviews

Written by Mike p on 17th Jun 2018


I was really excited about this product it's a little pricey I think but I went ahead and gave it a chance I started to vape it it was okay it wasn't what I thought it was going to be so I decided to steep it and overall i was disappointed with it

Written by Giambattista on 14th Feb 2018

Blown away by my fav

I’ve ordered every one of these, and my hands down favorite was Boston Cream. When I ordered it I was skeptical, because most companies don’t do chocolate well, but Tasty Vapor nailed it. All of the pie flavors are good, but Boston Cream is the best for me..

Written by undefined on 5th Apr 2017

Blueberry madness

Love the taste of the blueberry pie! Smooth mellow with a hint of berry. I've tried apple pie, banana cream. Didn't care for the banana cream all i tasted was the cream and just a bit of banana i was hoping for more flavor. But the apple and blueberry are my favorites!

Written by Jazz on 29th Mar 2017

Really friggin good

I got the coconut cream and it's really the best juice I've bought in months. It is spot on coconut cream pie and I am in love.

Written by undefined on 24th Feb 2017

"Breaking news"

Apple pie was delicious..can't wait to try coconut cream and blueberry! Geoff's blend has always been my favorite going back many years! But since they have soo many other blends felt i had to try a pie. It could perhaps be better than Geoff..haha no way but its a close second for me!

Written by Patrick on 24th Jan 2017

They Have Become My "Go-to" Vape

So far I've tried coconut cream, boston cream, banana cream, & key lime... I've enjoyed every one of them, but I gotta say coconut cream is awesome. These have honestly become my everyday standard... they are always great and the flavor of each one is absolutely amazing! Try one now; just pick you "real" favorite pie flavor & give it a whirl... you won't be disappointed. As always, TV has nailed it!

Written by Brock on 28th Aug 2016

Coconut Cream

I think after many flavors I have tried and liked- this one has taken the cake ( or pie... bad pun) as my favorite!

Written by Teri Foster on 6th Aug 2016

Nice vape

This is my faorite vape. It's not harsh, and I like it sweetened.

Written by Teri Foster on 19th Jul 2016

This is my favorite vape.

I've tried many, many other companies, but Tasty Vapor is the best.

Written by 24/7 on 30th Jun 2016

So good

Coconut cream pie is where it's at. First pie flavour tried so far and keen to try more.

Written by Casey on 5th Oct 2015

Key Lime!

Just tried the Key Lime flavor. Delicious, tastes just like the real thing!I think it's my new go-to flavor. Right after I write this review, I'm buying an EXTRA key lime, and the coconut crème and boston crème flavors.

Written by Sewknitty on 28th Aug 2015

Key Lime Pie

One of my early TV selections (years ago) was Mojito and the lime is this brings that memory back strongly. I don't have much patience for steeping and tried some quicky method I saw on YT but allowing the flavor to develop over time has brought out the other elements - the creaminess and the crust. I love key lime pie but rarely get to have any so this provides a 'treat' vape.