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Flavor:  Quickstraw, strawberry, dairy, beverage

Enjoy strawberry milk?  So do we!  We love it so much we just HAD to create a recipe that we hoped would take some of you back to your childhood enjoying a tall glass of "Quick".  This is such a delicious flavor and one that translates well with all VG levels and stays relatively consistent with all types of equipment.  Also one of our top selling flavors.  Enjoy!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Rod

Just fabulous

One of the few I buy with doublers. Its an all day vape, subtle yet satisfying. I still drink the powdered milk drink this is derived from, and son of a gun if you didn't nail it!

Written by Shannon


Has definitely moved into a number one go to flavor for me....love the all around experience. Taste is not to fruity and the draw is perfect....Love it

Written by Jaszy

Tastes like magic

This has to be my all time favorite. On my search for a creamy taste I was told that "quick straw" had creamy strawberry taste and it sure does. Its not overwhelmingly sweet or fruity, just perfect.

Written by Susan


I love it , not too sweet but just sweet enough for a sweet tooth like me . Tasty Vapor gave this as a sample and I've ordered it ever since. Thanks TV your the BEST!

Written by Christine

A comforting vape for me!

Liking this a lot! Its been my go to for a while now & have just ordered the bigger ml bottle . Fairly light on the strawberry yet a very pleasant strawberry quick flavor. If you like the drink your sure to enjoy this. At 18mg /20 VG = Great TH & plenty of vapor for me!

Written by AmazingSammy

Pretty Good!

This one's a little milkier, and a little headier than expected. It's a good heavy drag with a lot of weight to it, and the flavor is one of the more interesting things I've tried. On my ecigarette, it tastes like a thick strawberry custard. On my wife's ecigarette, it tastes like a nice cold cup of quick. Either way, it's good. I think I ordered too much VG in it. For some reason, it's just not hitting hard enough; but if that's the case, it's my fault, not TV.