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This is your opportunity to try any of Tasty Vapor's delicious single flavors. From fruity to creamy, the options are limitless.

Recommended Steeping Time:  Depends on flavors selected


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Written by Jane on 7th Dec 2018

Coffee Single

Coffee is a pretty hard flavor to get right, and this juice is the closest I've tried to a real plain coffee. I'd definitely recommend letting it settle for a week or so, but once that's done you get a moderately sweet, toasty flavor that tastes like the idea of coffee. That might sound like a criticism, but it's not meant to be; I'll definitely be picking up more of this. (I've also had a few other baristas test it, and we all approve!)

Written by Rod on 13th Jun 2018

Natural Raspberry

Only the second single flavor I've ever bought, but I'll buy more. Tasty Vapor single flavors are better than I thought they'd be. How a bout a kit of 10ml of every single flavor! It may be my new obsession to try a new single flavor every order. How about a club...the single flavor club!

Written by Rod on 13th Jun 2018

Black Cherry single

I never bough a single flavor before, and I could kick myself for not doing so sooner. Everything doesn't have to be complicated, and this cherry flavor is perfect on its own (plus it mixes with just about anything).

Written by Candy on 29th Mar 2018

Delicious Caramel!!

I ordered the caramel flavor 70% VG and 1/2 sweetener and it is delicious - very mellow flavor vape not really sweet. Makes a great all day vape!

Written by John in WVa on 12th Feb 2018


This is the the best grape flavor i have found anywhere i have shopped all over the US 25+ orders lookin for a new Grape for me n my in laws also the customer service is as good as it get on one of my first order there was a mix up it was fixed an resent the next day thank you

Written by Alainia on 6th Feb 2018


Honey dew hella good yo add sweetener and it's just like the fruit all smooth

Written by Alainia on 6th Feb 2018


I got the cherry cola Yo this ish hecka good not to strong not to weak just right and no it don't burn like drinking the soda

Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2018

Weak Flavor

First time buyer. The orange, grapefruit and tangerine flavors were so weak, that if I didn't know what flavor they were supposed to be, I wouldn't have been able to guess. The grapefruit and orange are the weakest. Granny Smith has flavor but is very sweet (I didn't add sweetener) when I thought it was going to be tart. The mango is also very sweet (again, no sweetener added). I didn't choose sweet mango, just plain mango. It tastes more like vanilla. The lime is awesome. I ordered all flavors without sweetener and let them sit for 5 days before use. They are not getting more flavorful as time passes. Generally disappointed in the lack of flavor.

Written by Dawn on 23rd Apr 2017

Great taste!

I've used several Tasty Vapor juices and I have to say, they can be relied on to get clear, true flavor even in the difficult juices. My Cherry is just that...cherry flavored. Sweet, a little tart and when mixed with the 0mg Chocolate Doubler--a deliciously great deal.

Written by Ellie on 13th Apr 2017

Menthol taste

I enjoy the Menthol, however, next time I order I need a little stronger nicotine in it. But it satisfies my need for now..

Written by Jake on 18th Mar 2017


The taste is supposed to be orange cream soda and i got it extra sweet i dont think ill be getting this one again all i taste is orange soda no cream

Written by heather on 9th Feb 2017

no longer able to mix?

it used to be where you could mix up to 3 flavors. i would always get a spearmint + cherry mixture that i LOVED. i finally ran out of it and see that you can only buy single flavors. while that makes me sad, i still will go NOWHERE else to by my juices except tastyvapor!