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Flavor:  Tastyfinger, chocolate, peanutty, confectionery.

Yet another Tasty Vapor classic dating back to 2010!  Modeled after a popular chocolate covered peanutty, brittle type candy bar that we can't name (trademark stuff), we absolutely nailed it!  Rich chocolate, covering a peanut candy base...But what is it in there that makes it taste so remarkably similar to the real thing?  Well, we just can't tell, but if it keeps you coming back like you have, then we're doing it right!

Popular Mix Ratios:  While customers order this in a wide variety of VG ratios, we recommend ratios of 50% and lower.
Recommended Steeping Time:  5 Days

Product Reviews

Written by stuart wiggen

one of my stand-by flavors

i believe they nailed the bu tter-fin ger taste. i use this as a rotation flavor. wonderful peanut butter vape.

Written by Tiffany

Tastes like candy

Tastyfinger is my go-to. Sometimes I mix with tobacco and sometimes vape it alone. Not too sweet, just right flavor. I love the caramel- slightly peanut flavor. I barely notice the chocolate. Tasty Vapor is the best.

Written by undefined

The best!

Amazing! Just as advertised. I use this in place of dessert.

Written by Shawna

Oh Good Gosh!!!

This tastes EXACTLY like the candy bar!!!! It is very smooth, sweet, and delicious. At lower volts, in an Evod glass tank using a 1.8 coil and at .50 coil and 20 watts in my Kanger Nano on my Segelei, it's as good. This has got to be a secret in the vaping flavor chaser world.....

Written by rey

love it

This taste really good I wanna get more

Written by Logan

high ohms key!

Good flavor. Has that caramelized nutty flavor of butterfingers with nice chocolate tone. Not my cup of tea (my ADV's usually consist of fruity/minty flavors) because of its rich flavor, but that's just opinion. I tried this juice on lower ohms (.5-1) and higher ohms (1.6-2) and found that the flavor is much smoother and more apparent on the higher ohms.

Written by undefined


I have spent money on 75 ejuices and my number 1 go to is tastyfinger. although the price is crazy.

Written by undefined

Absolutly Delixious

Out of every Juice that i have vaped in 6 yrs, I would have to say that from day 1 This has been my All day Vape.. Nuff said

Written by Jonathan Gil

Rich Nutty Flavor

This one is what keeps me ordering from Tasty Vapor after all these years and several local shops opening here in South Jersey. Strong nutty flavor with a sweet chocolately aroma on top. I always get it with sweetener, but I could see it being rich and robust without it. I've never tasted anything that quite compares, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes nutty or coffee like flavors!