Tin Box Mint

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Flavor:  Tin Box Mint, Peppermint, mint candy, chalky.

This is not just a peppermint flavoring stuck in a bottle. No no no.  We set out to replicate that distinct flavor of those popular curiously strong mints that you find in those cheerful tin containers.  And  you'll find everything you expect with this recipe.  The strong peppermint flavor, coupled with that distinct chalky note.  A distinctly refreshing and minty vape and a long time favorite of so many Tasty Vapor customers!  Enjoy!

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 70% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

Product Reviews

Written by undefined

My new favorite mint!!!

I love mint juices and this one didnt disappoint!! Its my new favorite and my new go to all day juice.

Written by undefined

Tasty very nice

Very good service, and i love tin box mint very much. Tasty

Written by Chelsey

Go to flavor

This flavor is the closest I can find to a menthol ciggarette. I have not touched cigarettes for a year with the help of this gem.

Written by WW

One of my faves!

This one is great as it, but I love mixing it 50/50 with Alien Blood!

Written by C. C.

A Fast Favorite!

As a mint lover this was appealing to me from the start, but I never expected to have anything displace my previous top mint flavors. I find myself ordering this mint more often than even the peppermint mouth mosh, the mint chocolate chip, and the candy cane! If you like mint, give it a try.

Written by Yolanda

The Best

Every time I order this product online or in store, I'm 100% satisfied with the quality and flavor and would recommend Tasty Vapors to all juice heads

Written by David

Great minty vape

Peppermint Mouth Mosh is my favorite--- so finally decided to try Tin Box Mint. It's a nice change up from my favorite and quite a different taste----has a very clean, cool, mint & spearmint taste that is very satisfying and is a adv. Very good !

Written by Kent

Tin Box Mint

I lean toward the tobacco menthol and strong minty liquids.For some reason I put off trying this one for a while.Finally tried it about a year ago and now it's one of my go to's ! I've been a Tasty Vapor customer for about 5 years and service has always been great.If you like the minty flavors,you can't go wrong with Tin Box Mint !

Written by Alix


If you really want mint this one is one of 2 that I found that really deliver and the other is a Tasty Vapor original too Pepermint mouth wash. Really bold flavor

Written by Logan


Not quite "altoid", but such a mouth watering mint anyway. Perfect combo of sweet and minty, with a tiny bit of spice that tastes super fresh and opens your nasal passage.

Written by mandy

Love it

Nice cool mint flavor. Does not have a wintergreen flavor as many do. Not to strong and leave breath smelling good.

Written by Lilith79

My all day vape

Except for odd occasions, this is my full time vape. Great minty flavor that doesn't fade. Tastes more like green listerine than altoids, but it's still good.