Ultimate Vanilla

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We took the time to create an indulgent mixture of exotic vanillas that we know you will love. Your friends will love it too, as the exhale smells amazing. When just “vanilla” doesn’t cut it, go ultimate!

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Written by undefined on 11th Sep 2018


Best vanilla and I had tried many. This has become my all day vape.

Written by undefined on 9th Aug 2018


Great service and great e-juice! My new go to flavor. I don't care for the fruity flavors and finding a good vanilla is not easy but this one is spot on. The taste is Rich and tasty and does not fade as the day goes on.

Written by Sherri on 2nd Aug 2018


I have tried many vanillas. This is the first that tastes as good as the vapor smells. It is absolutely wonderful. If you like vanilla, you must have this one. You will LOVE IT!

Written by Kbimm on 30th Jun 2018


Very good flavor and no aftertaste, love it!

Written by KTimm on 28th Jun 2018

Best Vanilla

Love the flavor of this, have tried others and this is really the BEST!

Written by Sherri on 8th Jun 2018


I have tried many vanillas. None come even close to the taste of this one. It is WONDERFUL!

Written by Ivar Sorensen on 8th Apr 2017

Best vanilla I've found so far

In my quest for a strong flavored, delicious vanilla e-liquid that will keep me on the vaporizor and off the cigs, I stumbled across Tasty Vapor recently and ordered Ultimate Vanilla. I'd rate it closer to 4 and a half stars as it is not perfect but as close as I have found to perfection. Ordered 70/30 vg pg ratio with 12mg nic and extra sweetener. A creamy, sweet tasty vanilla vape. Im going to experiment with future orders to see what ratio is best for my needs as well as less sweetener. Its entirely possible that I may enjoy it more with less sweetener. This has become my everyday juice and I plan to keep it on hand at all times. Most juices I find don't satisfy my expectations of a delicious vanilla. THIS ONE DOES! Now, since my review of Vaporfi Very Vanilla was moderated into oblivion on their own website, I would like to take a moment to warn anyone who may see this review to avoid Vaporfi like the plague. Their vanilla juice is absolute utter rubbish....smells like vanilla in the bottle but tastes like a flowery woman's perfume would if you tried to vape it. No one who enjoys vanilla could possibly enjoy that dreck. Vaporfi is like the Starbucks of vapor products IMO. A lot of positive, undoubtedly paid for, reviews all over the web but reality tells a far different story. I couldn't even give that crap away...everyone I had try it said the same thing. Awful stuff. I'm gonna stick with Tasty Vapor and try more of their flavors as well. They are doing e-juice the right way....fast service and a premium product at a decent price with options to suit most preferences and vape equipment. Keep it up...you'll be seeing more business from me and my friends!

Written by Vape On on 16th Feb 2017

Ultimate Flavor

Compared to other vanilla flavors I have tried, this one is tops.

Written by Ann on 13th Dec 2016

The best!

By far, the best tasting vanilla I have ever purchased. Dead on with the flavor cues and they don't diminish over time. It is great for mixing with other flavors too. Finally, a flavor I call my favorite!

Written by undefined on 19th Jul 2016

Very Vanilla

A strong vanilla flavor with a touch of caramel. A smooth and mellow vape.

Written by 24/7 on 29th Jun 2016

Solid performer.

This is a good liquid. It doesn't pack a lot of punch but it's great tasting and it makes for the perfect mixer or base for flavour experimentation.

Written by Ron on 9th Jun 2016

Tastylicious Vanilla!

Every had vanilla cake batter as a kid and you were told not to? Remember that tasty vanilla cake creamy goodness that you wanted more of, but you'd get it in trouble if you did? Get some of TV's Ultimate Vanilla and go to town vaping this stuff and you'll bring back those memories of vanilla goodness, but this time you're not going to get into trouble when you keep coming back for more! Vanilla deliciousness without the heavy cake batter after taste, just pure cake like vanilla that is smooth, chewy, and oh so good! I get it in 1/2 sweetened, but for an even bigger decadent taste full sweetener is even more crazy good. Either way, it's the real deal! What more needs to be said other than get some!