Vegetable Glycerin - 100% USP Grade

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4 Ounce Bottle (120ml), 100% USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin

Whether you're thinning out your liquids or engaged in your own DIY projects, you can pick up a bottle of the Vegetable Glycerin (VG) used in our Tasty Vapor products.  If you have questions about this product, please call us at (888) 389-3229.

Added Note:  Vegetable Glycerin is a sweet-tasting, non-toxic chemical compound that is used in a wide variety of applications from food to pharmaceuticals.  It is used in e-liquid to boost the vapor productions in the process of "vaping".

Product Reviews

Written by Paul

Geat VG

Very satisfied with this VG will buy again and again

Written by Arm


This right here is what you call quality VG. The viscosity is on point as well as flavor. Very impressed with this Vg, for it adapts perfectly to my flavors and steeps with ease. Thank you !