Cafe Macchiato

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A nice roasted coffee flavor. Creamy, with hints of other flavors that are sure to please. We can’t say too much without giving away the recipe, but we can say it is a longtime Tasty Vapor Bestseller!

Recommended Steeping Time:  3 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Diana on 26th Jan 2018

Satisfying Rich Flavor

This is the best juice on the planet. Sometimes I mix it with French vanilla cupcake and it tastes like heaven. There are no comparisons on the market. I love this company and product. Exceptional customer service and timely shipments!

Written by Kashif on 24th Jul 2017

Awesome !!

First time I ordered from Tasty Vapor, gotta say, the best Ejuice ever. Shipping kinda slow, but it was worth of wait. Will order 120 mil in the future, its that good.

Written by Carmen on 22nd Jul 2017

Not my favorite

This is one of the only TV flavors I've tried that I didn't love, but others seem to like it, so your mileage may vary. Also, I'm smoking it in a cartomizer, so that may alter the flavor too much. To me, it was quite strong, almost like how the vanilla flavoring that you cook with has a different taste from actual vanilla. I hope that makes sense. I've kept it in my box of flavors, but I'm definitely not in love with it. I will try it again and day and see if my thoughts on it have changed.

Written by Mojica on 29th Mar 2017

Better than love

Start all of the days with this. He made it half sweet, so it wasn't cloying. Drink and vape coffee all day. Do all the things at once. None better.

Written by undefined on 25th Aug 2016

Best flavor!

Excellent taste . Love the available custom mix option

Written by candyc on 9th Jun 2016


this tastes exactly like the name. unfortunately, i added sweetener and would prefer it not as sweet. next time i order, i'll select no sweetener. but for those who love a sweet cup of strong coffee, this is ideal!

Written by undefined on 13th Aug 2015

I like it

My first time ordering this flavor. I like it.

Written by Diana Ripoll on 9th Apr 2015

Top Quality

I have been using tasty vapor for years. the products are indeed tasty and satisfying! Hats off to the customer service. They are patient professional and pleasant. Thanks Tasty Vapor!

Written by Beckie on 9th Jan 2015

Love it

One of my favorites! Been a loyal customer since I found tasty vapor. Perfect all day vape!

Written by Robert on 31st Oct 2014

Favorite since 2010!

When I started with the Blu in 2010 I bought this flavor first. Then for other reasons I went back to real cigs. Now back to e-cigs since the beginning of this year, and this flavor with sweetener keeps me off the cancer sticks. When I came back, I was glad to see TV still online! Great taste, smell, and will keep you coming back.

Written by Licia on 24th Oct 2014

Simply The Best!

I could write a book on how great this recipe is, but I won't. I has a smooth coffee flavor that is the best of any I have tried. I get it sweetened and it taste like a great cup of coffee with cream and sugar! It reminds me of that great cup of coffee that you share with a friend! If you try it, I know you won't be disappointed!

Written by Felicia on 24th Oct 2014

The Best Flavor Yet!

I have tried and love several of Tasty Vapor's flavors, but this is my favorite by far! It taste like coffee and cream. If you get it sweetened, it taste like a cup of coffee (with cream & sugar) with a hint of something special on a cold winter day! You can customize it to the way you like it. If you like coffee, give this a try and I'm sure you will love it! I can't get enough of it!