Cherry Cola

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Flavor:  Cherry Cola, Old Fashioned Cola, Cherry, Drink

With Tasty Vapor, you can guarantee we won't just stick a couple of flavorings in a bottle and call it our own creation.  And sometimes we're too complicated for our own good.  But here, you get an old fashioned cola flavor, with all the subtle spice notes and a lovely balance of cherry flavor to finish it off.  So much more than just an average cherry cola. This recipe is a long time favorite of many and a Tasty Vapor classic we're sure you'll love.

Popular Mix Ratios:  10%VG - 50% VG

Recommended Steeping Time:  2 Days

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Written by Guitarslinger

The Real Deal

Lately, I've started drinking Old School "Hecho en Mexico" Pepsi in a bottle. It's the real deal. Why? Because in Mexico, they still make it the old way . . . with cane sugar instead of that High Fructose Corn Syrup crap. With cane sugar, the finish is crisp and fresh. It doesn't leave that nasty feeling of your tongue being coated like with the HFCS. Tasty Vapor's Cherry Cola is just like that. HUGE cola flavor with a crisp, clean aftertaste. The cherry flavor is very subtle, but cola for DAYS. They told me to let it steep for three days, but I couldn't wait. Vaped it the night I bought it and it just crushes. I'm going to try to exert some self-control and leave the rest of it sit for a couple more days. Hard to believe it could get any better though. I'm enjoying the 18mg, 50/50 mix with half sweetener through a Nautilus Mini/iStick 30 set at 4.4 volts and could keep vaping this until the bottle is empty. If you want real deal cola flavor, Tasty totally nailed it.

Written by undefined

I'm hooked.

I love this flavor. I bought it out of impulse and I'm so glad i did. It's got the strong cola flavor, but the cherry is a nice tip of the iceberg. It's smooth, the only thing is i would recommend using this at a lower voltage than some other flavors as it's pretty thin. I accidentally burned out one of my atomizers puffing away at a high voltage. Keep slow, I know it tastes great but be careful of your equipment. ;)