Cinnamon Apple

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All the pleasures of those Halloween cinnamon apples, without the calories and without picking hardened candy out of your teeth. Great vape if you’re in a lounge or bar.

WARNING:  This product is not recommended for high voltage use and sub-ohm equipment.  This product contains cinnamon oil which in vapor form, may cause or aggravate respiratory difficulties.  Should such a problem occur, discontinue use of this product immediately and consult your physician.

Recommended Steeping Time:  3 Days

Product Reviews

Written by Josh on 11th Jun 2016

A great Atomic Cinnacide replacement

We all loved Atomic Cinnacide and understood the reason to cut back on cinnamon. This juice has the perfect mix and taste in safer juice. My everyday vape since. No problems to report. Never had any problems with AC and I vaped that for 4 years straight.

Written by undefined on 18th Feb 2015

Amazing taste

I got this to try out tasty vapor for the first time and I was not disappointed, I got it and put it in my vape right away, I was too impatient to let it steep, and it tastes like I am vaping pure cinnamon sugar, it is amazing. (I did get it with sweetener as well, which may be why it tastes like cinnamon sugar more than cinnamon apple, that and not letting it steep, but it is still the best juice I have vaped to date)

Written by JennyT on 11th Feb 2015

Carnival has arrived

Tastes just like the traditional candy apple, but with cinnamon. Smooth & sweet.

Written by undefined on 2nd Nov 2014

Free samples are the best.

I got this bottle as a free sample, the cinnamon flavor is strong but not too much to overpower the apple. it tastes like a hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick in it. It brings me back to sitting in front of a warm fire and sipping a hot beverage. This flavor makes me happy. I wasn't sure what i wanted to try next out of my selection and I'm glad this grabbed my attention.

Written by Nancy on 24th Oct 2014

Cinnamon Apple

I love cinnamon and I must say TV is one of the best I have been able to try. Has the hot, spicy nudge I like in a cinnamon yet can still taste the apple.