Tasty Vapor: The Demise of an Industry Pioneer

No need to be all cryptic or poetic, as of May 1st, 2020, Tasty Vapor and I imagine a vast number of other manufacturers in the United States, will be closing our doors.  We have had the privilege of serving our vaping community for over 10 years. Some of our customers have been with us almost this long as well. But all are loved and will most certainly be missed.

We will also take the liberty of tooting our own horn here. We began in 2009. We were a pioneer in an infant industry. There were only a small handful of manufacturers in the United States at the time and the majority of the liquids flooding the market were sub-par Chinese liquids consisting of basic single flavors.

The pace we set with our unique and complex recipes, the terminology we used and business model we created were in a lot of ways, adopted and mimicked by other companies. Flattering and annoying at the same time, but apparently, we were doing something worth noticing and duplicating.

Not soon after, the negative politics began to surface. Tasty Vapor knew that there was not point in trying to compete in the vaping arena when the government is sitting outside with the bulldozers, so we got the company to a point of running itself and the owners began their advocacy efforts, even started a Northern California chapter of the Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association.

The business went through many transitions and a couple of locations, while the politics continued to mount and become concerning. But through all of it, so many of you have stayed with us the whole time. We’ve always appreciated that.

As most of you understand, the PMTA process that will regulate the vaping industry in the U.S. was essentially designed to bankrupt the industry and ensure that only a couple interested entities would be able to afford to pay to play by the FDA’s rules. The tobacco control framework that the FDA must operate by was designed to PREVENT new tobacco products from reaching the market. It was never written to embrace harm reduction products. And unless the tobacco control framework is re-written, the U.S. industry is doomed. But state politicians are eager to shut the industry down, ban flavors and pretend it’s all about the children, while the cause of all this fuss, the traditional cigarette, remains on the shelves relatively untouched. It was always about collecting tax money, never about kids. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid folks.  

Tasty Vapor is charged with meeting the FDA’s PMTA deadline as of May 2020 or close our doors. Since we neither have the time, definitely not the money or the means to submit 151,200 applications, pay the application fees for the “unique products” that we have declared, our only option is to convey our abundant thanks for being part of our journey and gracefully bow out.

We will of course continue business as usual up until May. We will also keep you posted as to any benefits to you that may happen along the way in terms of sales. We also wish the government the pleasant journey their ignorance and stupidity will afford them. May will usher in a black market most officials are in complete denial will happen. It will, and we will not be part of it. This may get ugly. But the government also need to be aware of which wolf they feed and be accountable for the results. 

The government has mislead the public, denied the science, nurtured a chicken little mentality about ecig products, launched anti-vaping campaigns which only served to make the products more popular, then they blamed US for marketing to kids.  Meanwhile overseas, the market is thriving, the medical community sees the merits and benefits of these products, encourages and recommends their use, while our government officials continue to hide their heads in the sand.  We don’t care to be part of their stubborn learning process any longer. 

We thank every one of our customers for everything you’ve done for us and letting us be part of your journey in regaining a quality of health and life.  We thank everybody that we fought along side with in our advocacy and lobbying efforts, and all the governing bodies who actually listened.  It was truly a pleasure standing in solidarity with you in our struggle to protect this industry.

If you have questions, we're happy to answer.  Please give us a call at (888) 389-3229.  

Take care.

Geoff Braithwaite
Ramilya Braithwaite