Tips on How to Make the Switch

You’ve probably been exposed to smoking horror stories that make your skin crawl. Or the well-intentioned co-worked who may have committed themselves to an anti-smoking campaign on your behalf. Perhaps you show up to work to find a new anti-tobacco pamphlet on your desk every morning, and videos crowding your inbox. Or perhaps that special someone in your life is constantly complaining about having to kiss an ashtray.

Whatever your reason may be, you’ve finally decided to do something about your smoking habit and vaping has certainly peaked your curiosity. But where do you start?

make the switch


While there are many benefits to vaping in comparison to smoking cigarettes, it is still not a risk-free activity. Vaping reduces exposure to dangerous carcinogens but you are being exposed to chemicals and nicotine. Before making the switch, be sure to read current studies on the risks that are involved with vaping.


Once you decide to make the switch, you will need to get your first personal vaporizer.

As you start experimenting with your new vaporizer, there are several important things to keep in mind:

  1. The nicotine level needed for an enjoyable experience will vary from person to person. We recommend starting with 12 mg strength, and then you can adjust from there as needed.
  2. When vaping, nicotine is absorbed at a much lower rate. It takes about 30 minutes to absorb the same amount of nicotine it would take to absorb with 5 minutes of smoking.
  3. Start experimenting with different flavors. Some of our most popular flavors include Frosted Oatmeal Cookie, Alien Blood and Caramel Popcorn. However, each person is different so be sure to try different flavors until you find one that best suits your taste.


When making the switch from cigarettes to vaping, it is extremely important to enlist the help of a friend or family member, especially if one of your main goals is to quit smoking. Adjusting to an enjoyable flavor and nicotine level of vaping can be challenging in the beginning, and the last thing you want is to slide back into your old habit. Make sure you have someone to keep you accountable, as well as encourage you in this new journey!

Freedom to Fly, Run, or Even Just Breathe

Congratulations on wanting to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. Before long, you will discover you can finally take that cross-Atlantic flight to Paris because you will no longer have those terrible withdrawals during the flight. And you’ll be able to take those 1,710 steps up the Eiffel tower without wheezing. And at the top, you’ll be able to drink in the beautiful Parisian skyline instead of holding on to the rails for dear life and gasping for air. Now that’s not romantic. So, enjoy your newfound freedom!