Why I'm Thankful for Vapor


As the holiday season approaches, and it comes earlier and earlier each year, the concept of ritual comes to mind. It starts getting chilly (well, chilly for California), the streets are covered with red and gold leaves, the light leaves early and immediately, carols make their way into my brain, I experience the urge to bake, and host dinner parties, cinnamon appeals. It’s like a trigger reaction, the weather changes, the shops put up their holiday decorations, and the nostalgia is almost immediate, the ritual of the holiday season commences. I’m realizing that the late fall/early winter season is about so much more than just the weather, the decorations or even the gifts; rather, it’s the feelings we associate with it, the complete ritual.


How it Affects You

I’m guessing you probably love rituals too. Meeting with friends, drinking coffee, going for walks, even smoking, one of the most psychologically involved rituals there are. We all know the act of smoking is about so much more than nicotine, right? You get addicted to the ritual, the experience, and not just the nicotine, which is why quitting smoking is so hard. Finding a replacement for the complete experience, the ritual, was near impossible until personal e-liquid vaporizers came around. Vaping e-liquid is the only alternative that mimics the actual ritual of smoking. It allows you to experience the warmth, the deep breaths, the visual of a cloud on the exhale. It addresses the psychological component of the experience, and not just the physical one. That’s why it’s important. That’s why it works. And that’s something to be thankful for. 

What are you thankful for this holiday season?